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Saturday, 22 June 2024

TitleWright provides quality feature film titles for both studio and indie films. Whether your need is main titles, end titles, lower thirds, subtitles, or an end crawl, TitleWright delivers very high quality film titles at an affordable price. Our excellent quality comes from the fact that the titles are created and composited by Steve Wright, a senior feature film visual effects compositor with over 20 years of production experience plus a client list of over 20 feature film titling projects. The affordable price is due to the fact that TitleWright is an efficient titling boutique without a large corporate overhead and the savings are passed on to you.

Whether your project is 2k or 4k resolution and your film format is super 35, anamorphic, or academy, TitleWright will prepare beautifully composited titles over your color-timed 35mm film frames and deliver them to your Digital Intermediate facility camera ready for filmout.

TitleWright offers two options for your title design. An economical approach, where your editor creates a video version of the titles on your Avid or Final Cut Pro non-linear editing system. This determines the font, size, position and timing of the titles and has the advantage of being seen and approved by all. Using this video as a guide, a perfectly matching set of high resolution film titles are created. Alternately, TitleWright can design the titles for your feature using powerful image processing systems such as Shake and Motion to provide a wide range of creative treatments and looks.

If you are new to movie titling you will appreciate our experienced approach where we assist you with advice as to process, fonts, point size, crawl speed, proofs, QuickTime movies, and the all-important pan-and-scan version. Whether your film format is 1.85, 2.35 (2.40), 16mm, 3- or 4-perf 35mm, or even 5-perf 65mm, we provide title safe camera guides to make sure your titles work for the all-important video releases for both Standard Definition (4 x 3) and High Definition (16 x 9) video. We even have production experience with IMAX and stereoscopic (3D) films.

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